Skipton Town Council operates three allotment sites within the Parish of Skipton. There are two large sites, at Middletown and Broughton Road, and a smaller site at Burnside Chapel.

Availability of plots varies with demand, and the Council operates a waiting list when sites are full.

Plot holders are required to sign a tenancy agreement and pay an annual fee.

If you wish to apply for an allotment, you will need to complete an application form. These are available from the Council's offices at Skipton Town Hall - or you can download a form using the link below.

Both Middletown and Broughton Road have allotment associations. Minutes from meetings can be found below.

Keeping of Livestock

Allotments regulations allow for the keeping of a small number of hens or rabbits on a plot - but this is strictly controlled by the Council and must be approved in advance.

Current Council policy does NOT allow any other types of livestock for new tenants - or any additional types of livestock for existing tenants.

Additional Info

 If you already have an allotment, you will need the Council's permission to undertake certain activities - such as erecting a shed or greenhouse, or keeping livestock.

You can download the relevant form below, which must be submitted to the Council for approval before you undertake any work. If you need any further information on any of these matters, please contact the office for assistance.