Raikes Road Recreation Ground Meetings

Update on the 20th September 2023, with photos below

 Raikes football pitch was inspected at 08:30am on 20/09/23 following overnight heavy rainfall. Puddles were found towards the playground side of the pitch, but no more puddles than would be expected following rain fall. The ground itself on the pitch is firm and not boggy. The grass banking does have some areas of mud, but these are areas with heavier footfall, so mud is to be expected. The full pitch’s perimeter was observed and where there are puddles on the surface, these appear to be draining away down into the embankment below.

Following a conversation with another local resident, they have observed that the surface water has drained significantly since that of the prior day.

 The wildflower seeds scattered on the banking are now starting to germinate.

 A further inspection will be conducted tomorrow to compare how the water has drained and the progressive condition of the ground.