Attending a Council Meeting

All meetings of Skipton Town Council are open to the public. You may attend to watch the proceedings, or to address Members of the Council if you wish to do so. A section is included at the start of each meeting to allow the public to speak.

New regulations now allow for the proceedings of any Council Meeting (or one of its Committees) to be recorded or filmed - or for the proceedings to be reported on as they are happening (via Facebook, Twitter or a Blog, for instance). A protocol has been approved by the Council to assist those wishing to make recordings etc.

Protocol for Recording at Council Meetings

Occasionally, there may be an item on the agenda which needs to be taken in private. This may be where the Council is considering, for example, a tender for a Council contract and needs to keep the value of any bids for the work confidential. Generally, private items are placed at the end of the agenda. The Chairman of the meeting will notify you if you need to leave the meeting. No recording, filming or reporting is allowed during any item taken in private.

If you would like more information about attending a Council Meeting please contact us on or call 01756 700553.

There is no need to notify the Council if you wish to attend, although anyone wishing to record the proceedings of a meeting is requested to contact the Council in advance so we can ensure that facilities are available to help - and so we can make any members of the public aware, as they may not wish to be recorded.

The notice giving advance warning of the meeting will generally be issued around a week ahead of the date of the meeting itself. Agendas will appear on this website around four working days before the meeting.