Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting is not actually a meeting of the Council itself, but a meeting of the electors of the Parish.

Normally it must be held at least once per year, between April and June. In Skipton it is generally held immediately before the Annual Meeting of the Council and is an opportunity for local electors to raise issues with the Council.

If they wish to do so, electors can pass resolutions requesting that the Council takes certain actions. Although such resolutions are not legally binding on the Council, the will be considered carefully.

The meeting is normally chaired by the Town Mayor and will start with a short report on the Council's activities over the previous year.

Only those who appear on the register of electors for the Skipton Parish can vote on any resolution, although the meeting is open to anyone.

Additional Town Meetings may be called by the Town Council (although this is unlikely to happen as business relating to the Town will generally be dealt with at normal Town Council meetings).

There is provision, in law, for an additional Town Meeting to be called by a minimum of six local electors writing to the Council to request that a meeting takes place. However, electors and other members of the public have the right to attend and address any meeting of the Town Council and this is likely to be a better option in the vast majority of cases.