The Council

About the Council

Skipton Town Council is part of a two-tiered Council system along with North Yorkshire Council  and provides a range of services to the town of Skipton in North Yorkshire.

The Council was created as part of the Local Government Act 1972, which came into force in 1974 as part of a reorganisation of local government across the country.

The reorganisation saw the abolition of the old Skipton Urban District Council and Skipton Rural District Council and created the new Craven District Council alongside Skipton Town Council.

Responsibility for Council services was split between the two new authorities, with the bulk of services being taken on by the new District Council. Skipton Town Council took responsibility for a number of services specific to the Parish of Skipton and the role of Town Mayor was created. The chains of the former Chairman of the Urban District Council passed to the new Town Council, and a new crest was added to the chain.

In April 2023 Craven District Council was dissolved and North Yorkshire Council became the principal authority. 

Over the last 40 years, the role of the Town Council has evolved, taking account of changes in the Town - and it has adopted a number of new roles and services.

The Council has had a number of operational bases, including the Old Town Hall (currently Brody's Restaurant on Sheep Street) and a suite of offices above Barclay's Bank on Skipton High Street.

From March 2016, the Council moved back to its spiritual home and now occupies newly refurbished offices on the first floor of Skipton Town Hall, immediately adjacent to the original Council Chamber.