Skipton Town Mayor

Town Mayor - Councillor Claire Nash
Deputy Town Mayor - Councillor Winston Feather

The title of Town Mayor is adopted by the Chairman of the Town Council, a position elected each year at the Council's AGM. The Mayor is required, by law, to chair meetings of the Full Council and has a casting vote. There is also a substantial ceremonial role, with the Town Mayor attending a range of civic functions across Skipton during the year of office.

Inviting The Mayor To A Function

If you would like the Town Mayor to attend an event or function you are organising, you will need to make a formal invitation.

You should send your invitation as early as possible as the Town Mayor's diary does fill up very quickly. In certain instances, the Deputy Mayor may attend where the Mayor is unavailable.
If your event is being held outside of the Parish of Skipton, additional protocols need to be observed - so it is even more important that you notify the Council as early as possible.
Download the application form for inviting the Town Mayor of Skipton to your event:

Mayors Invite Form

Mayoral Charity

It is traditional for the Mayor to choose a local charity to benefit from any fundraising activities or events held during the civic year.

The charity for this year will be announced soon.