Community Grant Scheme

Skipton Town Council is keen to contribute financial support to projects being developed by community organisations for purposes which strengthen the community and enhance the well-being of residents and their environment, within the parish.

Grants may complement other sources of funding, and this is encouraged. Skipton Town Council operates a grant scheme for community organisations to apply for up to £2000.

Application forms to apply can be obtained from: Skipton Town Council, Town Hall, High Street, Skipton, BD23 1FD or you can download a copy of the criteria and application form.

All applications will be considered by the Town Council on their merits. If some aspects of your application fall outside the guidance and criteria below, you may still apply, but you should make a very clear case as to why you believe your project should be awarded funds by the Town Council. Applications will be considered by the Council's Finance Committee. Finance Committee meetings are held on the  20th June 2024, 15th August 2024, 17th October 2024, 12th December 2024, 13th Feb 2025 and the 24th April 2025. Applications should be submitted 7 days prior to the meeting.