Urban Grass Cutting

In April 2015, as part of cutbacks in its budgets, North Yorkshire County Council ceased all amenity grass cutting in urban areas across the county.

Skipton Town Council now undertakes all of this work within Skipton, to ensure that all areas of amenity grass within the Town continue to be cut. Generally, grass is cut on a regular basis through the season (from around March to September/October).

The Council has done its best to ensure that all areas of grass previously cut continue to be cut as part of the revised arrangements. However it is possible that, given the quantity of individual locations which need to be serviced, an occasional site will not have been included in the contract specification - or may have been missed.. If you identify a site which has not been cut, but you think should be, please contact us.

Please note that amenity grass is cut on a 'cut and drop' basis. This means that the grass cuttings are not taken away. This is normal practice and does not normally cause any problems. The additional cost of taking away grass cuttings is prohibitive and is not generally considered as being effective in the longer term.