Tarn Moor Estate

The Tarn Moor Estate is a separate charity holding a substantial amount of land on the outskirts of Skipton which is held in trust for the benefit of the Community.

Skipton Town Council, as an entity, acts as the 'Custodian Trustee' for the land. This means that it owns the title to all of the land, but holds it in trust for the Charity.

In practice, the Council has no control over the day-to-day management of the estate. This is undertaken by the Managing Trustees of which the Council nominates two.

The trustees currently nominated by the Council are: Cllr Peter Madeley and Cllr Karen McIntyre

Any queries relating to the management of the Estate should be directed to:
Jane Markham, Clerk to the Trustees
Email: tarnmoorclerk@gmail.com

or: c/o Dacre, Son and Hartley
The Estate Office, Station Road, Otley, West Yorkshire LS21 3DR