Committees and Meetings


All meetings of Skipton Town Council are open to members of the public. Information is also provided in this section on attending a meeting, including your right to record, film or report on the meeting as it is taking place.

The agendas and minutes are listed in the appropriate section for each of the Council's committees. Please note that dates and times can change and, occasionally, a meeting may be cancelled or rescheduled. Details will appear in the appropriate section when this happens.

Meeting Calendar 2021 to 2022 

Agendas are usually available approximately four working days ahead of each meeting. Minutes of meetings are produced in draft format as soon as possible following the meeting. Please note that minutes are not regarded as a true and correct record until they have been accepted and approved at the following meeting of each Committee and subsequently by Full Council. The draft minutes available on the website will not include any items which were dealt with in private session, with press and members of the public excluded.


Skipton Town Council operates a number of Standing Committees which deal with the bulk of the Council's work.

These Committees comprise a group of Members of the Council (normally six or eight Councillors) - and each has a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Committees meet on a regular basis to deal with Council business.

A meeting of the Full Council takes place approximately every two months at which the minutes and resolutions of the various Committees are noted and ratified.

You can see more information about our committees and see the corresponding minutes and agendas by pressing one of the links below. 

Finance & Policy Committee

This Committee sets overall Council policy and looks after its finances. It also deals with matters relating to the Council's procedures, legal obligations, contracts and staffing.

Audit & Scrutiny Committee

This Committee oversees the auditing of the Council's finances and - as part of its scrutiny function - looks at the work of the other Committees and the Council itself.

Public Services Committee

This Committee oversees the management of the Council's estate - including allotments, recreation grounds and play areas.

Planning Committee

This Committee undertakes the duties of the Council in its capacity as a statutory consultee for local planning applications. It meets as required to review substantial or contentious planning applications - and a small Working Group, linked to this Committee, reviews routine applications.

Events & Tourism Committee

This Committee oversees the work of the Council in its role as organiser and facilitator of the Town's events and festivals - together with its broader tourism remit.

Market Committee

This Committee oversees the operation of Skipton Market.

Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting is not actually a meeting of the Council itself, but a meeting of the electors of the Parish.

Emergency Committee

This committee was formed to address the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Management and Staffing Committee

This committee addresses staff and management.