Planning Committee

Planning Applications 

Please find below a list of Planning Applications that the Town Council's Planning Committee are considering this week commencing (28/11/2022). If you would like to comment on any of these applications you can do so on Craven District Council's Planning Portal or if you would like to discuss with your local ward Councillor please feel free to contact them.


57 Broughton Road, Skipton, BD23 1TJ
Dropped kerbs for off road parking


9 Burnside Crescent, Skipton, BD23 2BH

Application for variation of approved planning application referenced 2021/22431/HH to allow the creation of a ground floor room within the open carport area

2022/24478/FUL & 2022/24479/LBC

Ermysteds Grammar School, Gargrave Road, Skipton, BD23 1PL

Installation of a powder coated steel fence above a section of the wall on the School's western boundaryand the installation of a small domed observatory near the western boundary of the School grounds.


19 Princes Drive, Skipton, BD23 1HN

T1) Cherry Tree cut back to wall line due to touching house when in leaf. (Cut to grow points)


15 Gainsborough Court, Skipton, BD23 1QG

(T1) Beech - Crown lift east spread to 4m and reduce lower branches over the garden by 2m. Works will balance the tree's shape and improve it's amenity value., (T2) Beech - Crown lift to 4m and reduce lower branches over the garden by 2m to raise the canopy and allow more dappled light into the garden., (T3) Beech - Reduce lower branches of the west spread over the garden by 2m to allow more dappled light into the garden., (T4) Hornbeam - Crown lift to 3m to raise the canopy over the garden to prevent excessive shading. , (T5) Hornbeam - Reduce the spread by 1m over the garden to to prevent excessive shading., , Works are planned to manage and balance the trees with minimum impact.
14 Weavers Court, Skipton, BD23 2UU
Fell 1 no. Willow
Flat 3 & 4, 49 Broughton Road, Skipton, BD23 1TE
Creation of 1-bedroom apartment

61 Long Meadow, Skipton, BD23 1BP
Application for variation of condition no. 2 (Approved Plans) on planning permission reference number 2021/23410/HH to allow a slightly enlarged rear dormer and windows

Planning Committee Meetings

Scheduled meetings of the Planning Committee for the 2022-2023 Civic Year will be held on:

Thursday 30 June 2022
Thursday 20 October 2022 - meeting cancelled 
Thursday 12 January 2023

Additional meetings may be called, as required, to discuss any large or contentious planning applications which may be submitted to the Planning Authority (Craven District Council) during the course of the year. Details of any additional meetings will be posted here as and when they arise.

Generally, meetings will be held, starting at 6.30pm, at the Town Council Office at the Town Hall
Attending a Meeting 
Terms of Reference

13 Jan 22



28 Apr 22



30 Jun 22

These minutes are in draft form until approved by this committee