Skipton Town Council

Your Councillors

Elections for Skipton Town Council take place every FOUR years.

The most recent took place on 7th May 2015 to elect sixteen Councillors to serve on the Council for a period of four years to May 2019.

Skipton Parish is divided into four Wards and four Councillors serve in each of those Wards.

Contact details for each of the Councillors are shown below, together with details of any positions they hold on the Council.

Any Casual Vacancies which arise on the Council will be advertised formally by the Chief Officer.

North Ward

Four Councillors serve the North Ward of Skipton Town Council. They are:

Councillor Paul WHITAKER (Conservative)
Chairman Environment & Planning Committee
2 St Stephens Mews, SKIPTON, BD23 1RB
(01756) 709531

Councillor John DAWSON (Conservative)
42 Gainsborough Court, SKIPTON, BD23 1QG
(01756) 700151

Councillor Calvin DOW (Independent)
The Castle Inn, 2 Mill Bridge, SKIPTON, BD23 1NJ
(01756) 790155

Councillor Jonathan KERR (Conservative)
31 Bright Street, SKIPTON, BD23 1QQ
(07766) 245440

East Ward

Four Councillors serve the East Ward of Skipton Town Council. They are:

Councillor Pamela HESELTINE (Conservative)
Vice-Chairman Public Services Committee
10 Nelson Street, SKIPTON, BD23 2DT
(01756) 700165

Councillor Eric JAQUIN (Liberal Democrat)
Chairman Public Services Committee
11 Grassington Road, SKIPTON, BD23 1LL
(01756) 799684

Councillor Chris HARBRON (Conservative)
10 Nelson Street, SKIPTON, BD23 2DT
(07825) 987757

Councillor Wendy CLARK (Conservative)
Vice-Chairman Audit & Scrutiny Committee
28, Regent Crescent, SKIPTON, BD23 2HR
(01756) 798077

South Ward

Four Councillors serve the South Ward of Skipton Town Council. They are:

Councillor Robert G HESELTINE (Independent)
Shadow Leader of the Council
The Ginnel Place, Newmarket Street, SKIPTON, BD23 2JB
(01756) 701243

Councillor Karen McINTYRE (Independent)
Vice-Chairman Finance & Policy Committee
52 Roughaw Road, SKIPTON, BD23 2QA
(01756) 797588

Councillor Martin EMMERSON (Independent)
4 Greatwood Avenue, SKIPTON, BD23 2RU
(01756) 701304

Councillor Gordon BELL (Independent)
39 Western Road, SKIPTON, BD23 2RU
(01756) 790155

West Ward

Four Councillors serve the West Ward of Skipton Town Council. They are:

Councillor Christopher CLARK (Conservative)
Leader of the Council
Chairman Finance & Policy Committee
3 Crossley Place, SKIPTON, BD23 1PZ
(07967) 307936

Councillor Andrew RANKINE (Independent)
Town Mayor & Chairman of the Council
44 Rombalds Drive, SKIPTON, BD23 2SP
(01756) 700848

Councillor Peter MADELEY (Labour)
Deputy Leader of the Council
17 Alexandra Court, SKIPTON, BD23 2RG
(01756) 797951

Councillor Alan HICKMAN (Labour)
Deputy Mayor
Chairman Audit & Scrutiny Committee
Vice-Chairman Environment & Planning Committee
1 The Farm, Keighley Road, SKIPTON, BD23 2QT
(01756) 700565

Members Register of Interests

All Members of Skipton Town Council are, by law, required to complete a register of their personal interests. This will include, generally, details of any employment or business activities, membership of any public bodies, clubs or organisations and the details of any property interests.

The records are maintained by Craven District Council, but it is the responsibility of each individual Councillor to complete the register and to ensure that information is kept up-to-date.

Copies of the Members Registers will be available to view on this website in the near future - but can be viewed on request at the Town Council's offices .