Skipton Town Council

Raikes Road Play Area Survey

Skipton Town Council has now been allocated the funds from Woolers, the developer of Higher Raikes, to refurbish the Raikes Road recreation area.

The funds come with a priority for toddler equipment.

The Estate staff have been in discussion with suppliers of such equipment and have shortlisted 10 items which in their opinion are most suitable also taking into account reliability and ease of maintenance.

This is where you come in - rather than the Council decide it would be helpful if residents could help determine which pieces to install.

Also, if there is a particular piece of equipment that isn’t on the list but you would like, there is provision to make us aware.

In an ideal world all 10 pieces would be installed but the exact number will be determined by financial constraints.

Although the initial quotes exceed the allocated funds, the Council is actively trying to source additional funds from other sources to provide the widest range possible.

Please note that the pictures are for illustrative purposes, and the exact piece of equipment installed will depend on the chosen supplier.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please return it to the address or email below. Or alternatively complete the survey online using the link provided. The survey will be open until the 26th March 2021.

Please complete the Raikes Road Survey